A Radical Vision is an organization created by Brian Wagner to help those that are struggling with adversity.

After being partially blinded, in April of 2011, Brian Wagner had brain-surgery to give him hope. He looked to have his full-vision restored. What he found was something much greater.

Brian is an author, speaker and coach who helps the hurting heal. He guides those to Plan, Prepare and Persevere through life’s adversity, so they can live a life of abundance.

Brian now spans the globe delivering his message of hope.



Location: Columbus, OH
Website: www.aradicalvision.com
Founded: September, 2013

Organizational Priorities: Through self-inspection, group discussions or one-on-one coaching we enable our clients to:

Gain awareness of their BLIND ness
Find the ability of SIGHT
Achieve the VISION for a life of abundance

We all have our own “blindness” in the form of blind spots.
Some the recent comments in regard to how A Radical Vision has helped others.

“I highly recommend Brian Wagner as an inspirational speaker. At our latest meeting, Brian addressed our group of 25 teachers with warmth, humor, and openness. Brian’s gifts for telling the story, as well as his gifts for listening, putting others at ease, and being of help to others, made for a truly inspirational evening.”

“Brian inspires me to dig deep, stand tall and love more”

“Brian, you are amazing!!! With your outlook on life!! I enjoy reading your articles. We all can learn from them!!!”

Guiding Philosophy: Everyone experiences adversity in their lives. Some deal better with it than others. We want to help people to embrace blindness so they can achieve vision.

Plus or Minus 60