Brian Wagner

Leadership Development & Life Coach

…and funny guy, even after everything he’s been through.


Blind in one eye, and survivor of multiple brain surgeries, Brian uses his past experiences and current disability to help people overcome adversity and develop A Radical Vision.   As a John Maxwell, Certified Life Coach, Brian works with companies across the U.S. to help identify blind spots that are keeping these organizations from achieving their objectives. From motivational speaking engagements through to organization or personalized leadership development and training plans, A Radical Vision helps your team overcome obstacles to drive better performance.


Define Your Blind Spot | TedxHilliard

Brian Wagner, life coach, inspirational speaker and author of “Sometimes It DOES Take a Brain Surgeon” looks at life differently than most people. He has a gift for helping others identify their personal blindspots and overcome their self-limiting beliefs. His talent developed out of a childhood diagnosis of a severe genetic disorder that would eventually impair his vision, but not his outlook on life. Brian inspires and motivates others to embrace their personal blindness, whether it be physical or mental, and develop a new outlook and purpose for life through a process he calls A Radical Vision.

Define Your Blind Spot | TedxHilliard

Our Clients

Tailored programs to discover your blindspots.

At A Radical Vision we work with organizations ranging in size from multinational corporations to start-ups and provide tailored life coaching plans for individuals. Below are a few examples of what we can do for you or your group.
  • Business

    Case Study: Brian was requested to come in and help address a recent decrease in  performance across the sales organization.  The action plan included:

    Motivational keynote address:  Brian spoke about the need to define the blind spots that were leading to poor sales behaviors and decreased revenue.  During the talk he set the precedent for tools required to overcome the blind spots as a means to take the next set of action items for organizational improvement
    Leadership development:  He worked with senior management to identity individuals with leadership potential and worked with the company to create and execute the individual development plans. The plans included tools to help establish corrective actions, build confidence and eliminate self-limiting beliefs.
    Individual Coaching/Training: The leadership team identified single contributors requiring additional coaching and training to overcome their blind sports.  One-on-one counseling and consulting along with tailored instructions and workbooks were provided as needed and as appropriate for each individual.
  • Associations/Non-profits

    Case study: An organization, focused on assisting students with specific or multiple disabilities, requested Brian to speak because of his unique ability to relate to the student population, his incredible life experience dealing with disability and the programs he has developed for people needing to rise above their current situation. After the initial presentation, he was asked to manage the after school development program funded by the Federal 21st century grant. Program details included:

    Recruitment: Identification, screening and hiring of club leaders capable of leading, teaching, coaching and inspiring the students to see through their blind spots and achieve a greater vision for themselves. In addition, Brian manages and works with the club leader employment contracts and ensures contract terms and payments are met.
    Program management: Communication of organizational vision and mission and obtaining commitment to the association’s goals and program initiatives across the club leaders and the student population.  As needed, set-up group or individual seminars to address any areas that may need improvement.
  • Individuals

    We all have the innate capacity to learn and continuously improve and establish the necessary resiliency to perform at a high level on a daily basis. The foundation for doing this means going from blindness to sight and then towards vision. Once you have completed these three steps – you are now in a position to achieve A Radical Vision. Brian works with you to understand what your true-life goals are and determine any blind spots that may exist that will keep you from achieving your objectives. Personal development plans include:

    Roadmap: Setting your own Vision and Mission statements and detailed blindness to sight to vision roadmaps to achieve defined objectives

    Blindness: Identifying your blind spots (cognitive biases) using the unique tools provided by A Radical Vision

    Sight: To develop actionable activities and exercises to begin seeing through your blind spots

    Vision: Communicating and defining your preferred future state and purpose and the blueprint to ensure success.


    In addition to one-on-one consulting, Brian provides on-line “Ecourses” that walk you step-by-step through the process of going from BLINDNESS to SIGHT and toward VISION.

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