Brian Wagner works with leaders to embrace their own blindspots to drive better performance

He’s a funny guy, even after everything he’s been through.

Define Your Blind Spot | TedxHilliard

Brian Wagner, author of “Sometimes It DOES Take a Brain Surgeon”. looks at life differently than most people. He has a gift for helping others identify their personal blindspots and overcome their self-limiting beliefs. His talent developed out of his childhood diagnosis of a severe genetic disorder that would eventually impair his vision, but not his outlook on life. Brian inspires and motivates others to embrace their personal blindness, whether it be physical or mental, through a process he called A Radical Vision.

Define Your Blind Spot | TedxHilliard

Our Clients

Leaders are engaged in our discussions. They want to discover their blindspots.

We can help:
  • Business

    It’s been identified that employee engagement is very low. There are a large number of your employees that are actively out to sabotage the work that you’ve done in building this company. Some of the results, of a lack of employee engagement, in this environment are the following.

    Employee retention is at an all time low, because your employees are preoccupied with things that are not relevant to their job. They’ve lost their focus.
    Leaders of tomorrow need to be identified and leadership skills need to be built. You’ll be able to do that once you help them to eliminate their self limiting beliefs.
    Productivity of employees has suffered since a recent event. This has caused them to develop a blind spot.
  • Groups

    All groups need to be inspired to perform at their highest potential. This allows their constituents to feel empowered for the greater good in everything that they do. In turn, the people that are on the receiving end of this group reaps the benefits. Without that initial inspiration, the following will happen.

    Vision will be missed or forgotten
    Focus of members may go to the wrong priority
    Commitment to the set of initiatives will begin to waver
  • Individuals

    We all have the innate capacity to learn. Many’s ability or passion for this capacity varies greatly. However, there is a direct correlation to that capacity and the achievements that one expects. This is where the great ones finish strong and separate themselves from the weak. Learn first hand how you can be inspired, in order to…

    • Set your own Vision and Achieve more once you are able to eliminate your self limiting beliefs. Those are those voices that are telling you that you can’t do it.
    Earn the respect of your colleagues as someone that knows where they’re going. Now, it’s a matter of aligning your goals to match this vision.
    • Be recommended for that next promotion Because of the clarity that you’ll have after developing a vision that sees right through your blind spots.
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