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Do you hear that?

Picture this, I’m in my office (in our basement) with the window slightly cracked for a little fresh air.  It’s in the 80’s just before noon.  As you might expect it’s another humid day in Ohio.  Off in the distance I hear a “thud”.  Ten seconds go by and I hear another “thud”.  This happens…


The Position Has Been Filled!

OK, the position was never “officially” posted but I’m happy to say that I’m no longer in need of a seeing-eye-dog (for the purposes of golf!).  My good friend Cary Allion has stepped to be my seeing-eye-“slink”dog.   You may have seen my request last night.  If you didn’t, please reply to this note with…


Annoyed? Get over it.

As many of you know, I’ve had several surgeries over the past couple of years.  Since my last post, on April 2nd, I had an appointment with Dr. Katz, my Neuro-Ophthalmologist.  It happened to be the day after my 2 year anniversary of brain surgery.  Maybe I was feeling a little extra punchy.  Maybe I…


Ahhhh! I’ve got a brain cramp.

I know that I have things that I need to tell you.  I’m just not sure about my delivery.  I can’t tell you how many times I wake up in the middle of the night and think about things to write.  But, here I sit on Sunday night wallowing in a lack of words. I…


Grant’s 18 in 10 days

Holy Cow!  On March 6th, my oldest son will be able to vote.  His seventeenth birthday meant that we couldn’t claim him as a deduction on our taxes.  This means that he has to register for the Selective Service which, among other things (I think), makes him eligible for the draft.   The next thing…


Who left the lid up!?!

Normally, those 5 words make the males in my house very nervous.  We’re all trying to retrace our footsteps and remember where and when we last went to the bathroom.  It is tough, considering we can’t even remember what we had for breakfast.  We have new toilets at our house that prevent the lids from…