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I influenced someone different from me


When I first arrived at the school for the blind, they asked if I knew how to play chess. When I answered in the affirmative, they were excited. “Finally we have someone to play chess with Carl.” “Wait, who’s Carl?”, I asked. They explained that Carl had a form of autism and also was allergic…


The stories we tell ourselves

Brian Wagner kid and his bike

When I was 40 years younger, I would make up stories and songs for fun. I truly enjoyed my own company. If you can’t enjoy your company how do you expect someone else to enjoy it? These experiences would happen at the strangest times. Sometimes I was bored. Sometimes I just liked having different thoughts….


a morning like none other

County Fair exhibit

I woke up this morning like all the others. The first thing that came to mind was my speech. How am I giving the speech? Where am I giving the speech? How can I be one percent better than yesterday? When I was a kid, I was lazy. I did just enough to get by….


Truth-Tellers Telling the Truths

Blindspot driving

When I drive, my passenger and I have an agreement. They will watch for anything on my blindspot. In your personal and professional life, who shows your blindspots? I’ve interviewed hundreds of successful executives. The majority have indicated that their spouse has been the one that’s shown them their blindspots. That’s crap! Your spouse loves…


She couldn’t believe it

DSCN2126 copy

“Honey, I want to start my own company.” That picture shows her reaction. It sort of says, “I love you but “NO””. “I just want to help people that are going through tough times.” “I want to be a speaker.” “A what?” “You know, someone that stands in front of a crowd of people and…


I couldn’t believe she said that


It sometimes takes a child to point out somethings that should be obvious. In her Father’s Day letter, my 13 year old daughter told me that I should stop comparing myself to other people. “Sure, other people’s dads are great. They’re younger than you. they’re sportier, and funner …” I wasn’t really sure where she…


The importance of vision – episode #3

Tyler Fairbank winking without Wagner 06092020

Why does vision matter? Here’s what my new friend and recent interviewee, Tyler Fairbank, had to say. In a recent executive interview it became apparent that his habits were in control. Meaning that daily habits, the things he did consistently, drove his results. These results included success. His habits were aligned with his vision. This…


The importance of vision – episode #2


We’re all struggling with the global pandemic. Here, in my state, the Governor has lifted his ‘stay at home” order. Which means we’re free, right? It doesn’t take long of being outside of your home to realize that we are not free. Everything has changed. We can’t shake hands, hug or even talk to anyone…