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Goal crushers


What’s the one thing that all leaders have in common? They all have blindspots. How can you avoid blindspots crushing your goals? For starters, start with asking your team three simple questions. When they answer them, encourage them to take their time and think about their answer. Is that a totally honest answer? Without the…


Leadership and blueberry pancakes

blueberry pancakes

Anyone that knows me, realizes how important family is to me. It’s great to have them all together in one room. We can play a board game, share a meal or watch a movie. One of the most interesting times is after one of those events. It’s when I can sit back and listen to…


I stumbled on something this morning


It’s a crazy busy day as I prepare for a speaking business trip. As I way laying in bed going over everything that I had to do, I wondered if it could be done. You may already be asking yourself, “why didn’t you just get out of bed?”. There are many reasons. I love being…


things that scare you

Brian Wagner Insight filming

Are you sure you’re really supposed to do them? Well, I did something that scared the hell out of me. I’ve started a 52-week video series. Two weeks ago, I rented an office space for filming and waited. I was hoping for a miracle and not realizing what I was hoping for. Then, the day…


Do you have vision?

vision check-class-desk-7103

I don’t mean, “can you see?”. I mean, do you have “a” vision? As in, a vision for your work. A vision for your life. A vision for your company. Let’s say your company has a vision statement. That counts!  But, do the employees know what it is? Do the managers or even the customers?…


Don’t forget to WINK

Brian Wagner 06262019a

We may have been lucky enough to have gotten a picture together. When we did I probably asked you to WINK with me. It’s not because I want you to make fun of me. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I continue to grow and get more comfortable with who I am, I…


These boots were made for working

My UPS boots 04282019

Then what am I doing with them? I’m sure that my brothers asked me that at one point. Truth be told, these boots are 30 years old. They were purchased right after I was named a part-time supervisor at UPS in 1989. They served me well walking the huge slabs of concrete in the large…


3 things I learned from falling in the mud

Farmers 04062019

It was a beautiful night in Waterville, Ohio. The sun was just setting. We were out for a walk with our friends, who had moved there from San Francisco years before. “Why?” you ask. That’s another story. Back to Waterville. We had just had a nice Mexican dinner that included Mexican beverages. We were all…


How do you get your balance?


Balance is something that I struggle with. Sometimes when I turn around quickly, I can’t find my center quickly. Oh, that’s not the kind of balance you were thinking about? The other kind of balance is difficult to keep, as well. Sometimes when I turn around quickly, I can’t find my center quickly. I’d love…