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Blindspots in Sales? … ya think?

Pentegra at Brio 03062019c

While speaking at a recent National Sales Meeting, one of my customers asked me, “so, what kind of blindspots do we typically have in sales?”. That question started to make my head spin, when I realized that this could be answered in many ways. You can see one of these answers in the link below….


What vs. Why

Ask WhatAsk What

We sometimes get caught up asking ourselves the wrong question. “Why am I not getting ahead?” “Why is everyone else passing me by on the way to success?” You may even ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way?”. It may be time to ask yourself a different question. “What could I be doing better?”…


The worst feedback I’ve ever received

Speaker feedbackSpeaker feedback

The journey to becoming a speaker is one filled with potholes. Just when you think you’re on a newly paved road with a smooth ride ahead, you hit one. “Crap! What was that?” and you look to see if your hubcap came off or if your tire is going flat. Of course, you didn’t ask…


I Believe


It’s the time of year when many of us will start with a blank slate. Others will question what the reason is for their existence. Still others will just go back to their day-to-day and put off any deep thought. It will be put off but not forgotten. There are others that may even be…


Blindspots = Positive?

Mastermind 12042018Mastermind 12042018

This may be a foreign concept to most of us. I know that it’s not something that I had considered. It took breakfast and a conversation with my friend to come to that realization. What do we see in others that we haven’t expressed yet? What would happen if we told them about how they’ve brightened…


Why blind people wear watches

IMG_4138 2

Every day there is an interesting story that comes from working with the visually impaired. Yesterday was no different. One of our students with zero light visibility approached the concession stand where I was ordering a water. He ordered a coke and began to pull out his wallet to pay. When he did, I noticed…


That old friend


The only thing keeping you from connecting with more people is YOU. In the world we live in, it’s so easy to stay connected. Just this morning, I was talking with someone that I had met a few times. The problem is that was 15 years ago. Stop arguing for what you don’t really want….


Help Blind People See


People ask me all the time what I do at the school for the blind. While it’s true, there is an after-school program that I lead. The complete truth is that I go there to learn. Life is a continual learning process. I’m learning how to forget about my preconceived notions. Not a day goes…


Sometimes I Worry About Me

VOICE marketing-man-person-communication (2)

My wife and I started a ritual. Whenever we arrive at our respective places of work, we text the other person “safely at work”. It let’s the other person know that we’re fine. For me, when I text her, it’s to let her know that I didn’t get into an accident on the way to…


What is Heroic Public Speaking?

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.05.16 AM

I’ve recently returned from Heroic Public Speaking (HPS) in Philadelphia, PA. Many people have asked what this event is all about and its vision. HPS was founded by Amy and Michael Port and it’s an organization that is designed with the specific goal of having speakers “change the world, one speech at a time”. Their mantra is “Yes, and!”  They…