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do you take your sight for granted?


In order to go from Blindness to Vision, you have to go through Sight. This is when you begin to identify your Blindspots. There are many ways to achieve Sight and it all begins with knowing YOU. Once you become self aware, it’s only then that you’ll notice a change. How do you become self…


this is hard


Have you ever tried to do something new and felt like you were pushing a rope? At times, that’s what it feels like working with executives and sales associates. They desperately want to have vision. The only problem is that they don’t want to go through the work to get there. Before you can really…


Go Through It

darkness with a candledarkness with a candle

How do you handle adversity? How do you prepare for it? You know it’s going to happen. It’s happens to everyone. It’s inevitable.

When It’s Time, You’ll Know It


A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to share a bus ride with Howard Putnam, the former CEO of Southwest Airlines. During the ride, it was pretty quiet. We were both enjoying the Dallas skyline and the beautiful traffic [sarcasm] they have there. Earlier in the day, Howard had led a session and…


How to become known and respected


In other words, how do you go from blindness to sight to vision? Only not metaphorically, but physically. If you’re a gardener or vegetable farmer it may be easier to understand if we equate this to growing tomatoes. When the tomato seed starts out, it is just that – a seed. When the time is…


“Hello, I’m Brian”


Ding-dong! Someone had just rang the doorbell and I went to see who it was. When I got there I was happy to see the man and woman that I had been expecting. Much to my surprise there was a third person. He was a nicely dressed gentlemen wearing business attire, including a purple shirt…




Where do you do your best thinking? I mean the kind of thinking that makes you forget that you should eat. The kind of deep thinking where you lose sense of time. Some of my best thinking is when I’m writing. Once I’ve decided what to write about, my thoughts start to unfold. I encourage…


Things that must be done


Being an entrepreneur is fun. It’s exciting. Who wouldn’t like to be their own boss? Who wants to be a hamster on a wheel? The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. You get to be your own boss and work the hours that you want to. You can sleep in or stay up late. Have a…


He Should Have Been Dead a Year Ago

Brian driving

In this world we meet all kinds of people Everyone has a story and everyone of them matters. We owe it to the world to share our story. But, we need to share it for the right reasons. It shouldn’t be to seek pity or brag. We need to share to let other people know…