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Do you know what RE-Creation is?


We’ve been gone for the past few weeks RE-creating. In the US they call it vacation. In Europe and elsewhere they call it holiday. No matter where you are it is “RE-Creation”. If you think about it, what we are doing is recreating the person that we were meant to be. To do this effectively,…


Change Your Perspective


Isn’t it a wonder? Do you ever wonder why certain people act the way that they do? Do you ever wonder why sometimes certain things continue to happen over and over? Did you ever wonder if there was something that you could do to prevent? Maybe it’s time to change your perspective. How do you…


Adjust Your Mirrors


Did you know that race car drivers adjust their mirrors so they can’t see any of their own car? This allows them to see through their blindspots. Sounds like good advice to me. What would it mean to your business or life if you could see through your blindspots? It’s hard to tell if you’ve…


Become More Confident


How do you become more confident? We’ve got some ideas that I discuss in this video. It’s not always going to be easy, but you have to savor the times of success and triumph. Try your best to have a short memory regarding the setbacks. Keep taking steps toward improving yourself.



Just when you think you’re there to be the teacher, you end up being the student. It’s doesn’t always happen, but when it does everything seems right. What if I told you that a blind person could cook, type, dance, play chess and even knit? You would probably think that I’m crazy, but I’m not….


Listen Differently


There are times when we all need to reconsider how we approach life. This video gives 3 ways that you can do that with your listening skills. Listen like you’re being stalked? Notes? Ask curious questions? Make this the start of another great week!   Brian with one eye

Trick Plays


There goes another trick play in Super Bowl LII (52).  Some have worked well and some have not. Was it worth the gamble? I think so. This reminds me of what my coach recently told me. My coach warned me about getting too cute. He said, “you need to tie everything that you say back…


3 Things That Butter Taught Me


My mom loves butter and I had never understood why. Everything she has ever made has been from scratch. I can’t think of anything that she has made that I didn’t like. That’s a lie. As a kid there were plenty of times that my mom made something that I didn’t like. She may have…