Motivating others to leverage their own personal challenges.

Each of us faces adversity daily in our work and personal lives. Our response to this adversity dictates our future. My goal is to help others recognize and embrace their personal adversity or their “blindspots” and respond by ‘gaining vision.’ While a crippling genetic disease caused my loss of sight, it enabled me to see the world through a new lens and achieve a greater purpose. We’d love to do the same for you.

Overarching Value Proposition:

Changing the way we view and respond to adversity, we can create a clear vision for success in both our work and personal lives.

How can
Gaining Vision
help me?


Improving Performance

A myriad of events at home or at work can impact your team’s performance. As a certified life coach, Brian can bring his expertise and his unique approach to identifying company, departmental and individual “blindspots” and offer a new vision and blueprint for the future of your organization and create tailored and actionable vision and mission statements for each team member centered toward meeting and exceeding organization objectives.


Better Employee Retention

In our current era of instantaneous gratification and unlimited communication, it is more challenging than ever to develop a workplace culture that keeps employees motivated, learning and challenged. By better understanding how your company or department or perhaps key individuals’ actions blur the vision of others and create “blindspots” we can develop the necessary plans to help you motivate others and retain those that matter most to your organization.


Enhancing Sales Performance

In sales, poor work habits and demoralizing and self-defeating thoughts can be a daily event that impact your team’s ability to close. After spending 10+ years as a salesman for IBM, Brian would know.  By identifying each member of your team’s blindspots and focusing on a new vision of their successful future, we can motivate others and reprogram their brains to see the positive, develop better work habits and overcome obstacles to achieve your team’s sales goals.


Adapting to Change

Our ability to see the changes that are taking place in the world around us and in your workplace requires you to develop A Radical Vision so that you are open to understanding these changes and can assess the changes in real time.  This is easier said than done. “Brian with one eye” can help you and your team to establish the necessary vision and tools to avoid “blindspots” and thus, allow you to address change, adapt if necessary and succeed.


Embracing What Makes You Unique

Learning how you are different is one of the first steps in self-awareness. How you think of yourself is important. How others see you can also be important. We can help, by finding, embracing and addressing your great attributes as well as your “blindspots” and inspire you to take the next steps in becoming the best version of “you”. To learn more check out our “BounceBack Academy“.


Having Better Relationships

Everyone has a friend, maybe even yourself, that consistently seems to have negative relationships affect his or her life. What we see in others is often a reflection of self, and to bring better lives into our own, we need to see the greatness in ourselves first. At A Radical Vision we bring our unique blend of life coaching and personal development tools to help in addressing whatever aspects of your life are keeping you from achieving positive, fun and rewarding relationships with loved ones, friends or work colleagues.


Overcoming Adversity

We all are faced with life-altering-adversity at some point in our lives. Many of us face it far more frequently. Brian wears his on his face! Recognizing that through a clear vision of the future, we can embrace our adversity for future growth.  Brian utilizes his unique program of identifying, embracing and addressing “blindspots” to help you create and develop the necessary tools to overcome your obstacles and disabilities.

Motivating teams to achieve A Radical Vision



Spreading the Vision – A Radical Vision’s Mission

When we get right down to it, we all have adversity in our lives.  These blindspots are easy things to see and overcome – if you’re open to a new vision.

Let’s talk about your personal, company or program needs…

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