Brain Injury Alliance Keynote Presentation

If you missed my Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona keynote presentation during the Rays of Hope Conference or simply need a refresher on achieving A Radical Vision, see the full keynote address slides below and let me know if you’d like to take the next step towards defining your blindspots and achieving a new vision and blueprint for the future of yourself or your organization.


Learn More about “A Radical Vision”

Let’s take the next step together towards bringing you or your team from BLINDNESS to SIGHT and toward a true life-changing VISION.

We can talk more and define further with tailored presentations and workshops that include:

  • Defining, embracing and overcoming your blindspots
  • Leadership development to become “An Authentic Leader”
  • Developing and achieving vision alignment within your organization


Taking just one more step will allow one to stay focused on moving your organization forward towards A Radical Vision.

Brain Injury Alliance Members – Let’s keep talking…

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Brian with one eye - CEO of A Radical Vision

Brian with one eye – CEO of A Radical Vision – motivational speaker and certified leadership development and life coach