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She couldn’t believe it

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“Honey, I want to start my own company.” That picture shows her reaction. It sort of says, “I love you but “NO””. “I just want to help people that are going through tough times.” “I want to be a speaker.” “A what?” “You know, someone that stands in front of a crowd of people and…


I couldn’t believe she said that


It sometimes takes a child to point out somethings that should be obvious. In her Father’s Day letter, my 13 year old daughter told me that I should stop comparing myself to other people. “Sure, other people’s dads are great. They’re younger than you. they’re sportier, and funner …” I wasn’t really sure where she…


The importance of vision – episode #3

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Why does vision matter? Here’s what my new friend and recent interviewee, Tyler Fairbank, had to say. In a recent executive interview it became apparent that his habits were in control. Meaning that daily habits, the things he did consistently, drove his results. These results included success. His habits were aligned with his vision. This…


The importance of vision – episode #2


We’re all struggling with the global pandemic. Here, in my state, the Governor has lifted his ‘stay at home” order. Which means we’re free, right? It doesn’t take long of being outside of your home to realize that we are not free. Everything has changed. We can’t shake hands, hug or even talk to anyone…


The importance of vision – episode #1

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Why is vision so important? This is the vision you have for your future. What is your preferred state? If you know it, how can you get there? We’re meeting with executives over the next few weeks, to discuss the impact of the current health crisis. How has this impacted their vision? As one executive…


that’ll never happen


In her letter, Jess told me not to compare myself to other people. As we discussed, you can do that by focusing on your vision. Why is having vision so important? Without vision it’s too easy for you to get lost in your message. It helps you to return to a focal point. There are…


on top of the world

parking garage

Do you remember the last time you were in a downward spiral? This might feel like one of those times. In the attached video, I talk about being in a similar scenario. This time I was in a parking garage. There was nowhere to go but down. It would have been nice if it were…


Be an encourager

John GreenJohn Green

Right now, the world needs positive people. It also needs encouragers. You can be one without the other. Positive people can sometimes keep their positivity to themselves. Encouragers give their positivity away. “But, Brian how can I be an encourager?”, you ask. Watch this video and see how a 13-year old girl did something the…