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Why blind people wear watches

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Every day there is an interesting story that comes from working with the visually impaired. Yesterday was no different. One of our students with zero light visibility approached the concession stand where I was ordering a water. He ordered a coke and began to pull out his wallet to pay. When he did, I noticed…


That old friend


The only thing keeping you from connecting with more people is YOU. In the world we live in, it’s so easy to stay connected. Just this morning, I was talking with someone that I had met a few times. The problem is that was 15 years ago. Stop arguing for what you don’t really want….


Help Blind People See


People ask me all the time what I do at the school for the blind. While it’s true, there is an after-school program that I lead. The complete truth is that I go there to learn. Life is a continual learning process. I’m learning how to forget about my preconceived notions. Not a day goes…


Sometimes I Worry About Me

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My wife and I started a ritual. Whenever we arrive at our respective places of work, we text the other person “safely at work”. It let’s the other person know that we’re fine. For me, when I text her, it’s to let her know that I didn’t get into an accident on the way to…


What is Heroic Public Speaking?

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I’ve recently returned from Heroic Public Speaking (HPS) in Philadelphia, PA. Many people have asked what this event is all about and its vision. HPS was founded by Amy and Michael Port and it’s an organization that is designed with the specific goal of having speakers “change the world, one speech at a time”. Their mantra is “Yes, and!”  They…


do you take your sight for granted?


In order to go from Blindness to Vision, you have to go through Sight. This is when you begin to identify your Blindspots. There are many ways to achieve Sight and it all begins with knowing YOU. Once you become self aware, it’s only then that you’ll notice a change. How do you become self…


this is hard


Have you ever tried to do something new and felt like you were pushing a rope? At times, that’s what it feels like working with executives and sales associates. They desperately want to have vision. The only problem is that they don’t want to go through the work to get there. Before you can really…


Go Through It

darkness with a candledarkness with a candle

How do you handle adversity? How do you prepare for it? You know it’s going to happen. It’s happens to everyone. It’s inevitable.

When It’s Time, You’ll Know It


A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to share a bus ride with Howard Putnam, the former CEO of Southwest Airlines. During the ride, it was pretty quiet. We were both enjoying the Dallas skyline and the beautiful traffic [sarcasm] they have there. Earlier in the day, Howard had led a session and…