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Listen Differently


There are times when we all need to reconsider how we approach life. This video gives 3 ways that you can do that with your listening skills. Listen like you’re being stalked? Notes? Ask curious questions? Make this the start of another great week!   Brian with one eye

Trick Plays


There goes another trick play in Super Bowl LII (52).  Some have worked well and some have not. Was it worth the gamble? I think so. This reminds me of what my coach recently told me. My coach warned me about getting too cute. He said, “you need to tie everything that you say back…


3 Things That Butter Taught Me


My mom loves butter and I had never understood why. Everything she has ever made has been from scratch. I can’t think of anything that she has made that I didn’t like. That’s a lie. As a kid there were plenty of times that my mom made something that I didn’t like. She may have…


The Rest of The Window

Screenshot 2018-01-21 21.11.32

Johari Window …that is. If you have a confused look on your face, go back to one the most recent blog posts. This is where I explain what the Johari Window is and what is important about Quadrant #1 (a.k.a. “the arena” or open area) and #2 (a.k.a. the blind area). [if you don’t recall,…


Why Do 2 Psychologists Need a Window?

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There’s no punch line. They made their own window. The two gentlemen were Joseph Luft and Harry (short for Harrington) Ingham. They couldn’t think of a good name, evidentially, so they called it the Johari Window. The Johari (pronounced “Joe-Harry”) Window is a tool. It was created in 1955 while they were studying group dynamics…


Why Did 2017 Suck?


Think about 2016. Do you remember it? Of course you don’t. Now, you may remember various events. Maybe you had an accomplishment or lost a loved one, but on the whole you really don’t remember that much. Think about 2017. You probably recall a little bit more. Sometimes you may recall certain feelings along with…


Wanna Know How To Get To The Next Level?


Start by asking yourself a question, “Why am I asking myself this question?” It’s because you know that something is holding you back. You have a firm understanding that there is another level. It’s as if you’ve been given a gift, but you’re not allowed to open it. Once you’re given permission and open it,…