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Good Days or Bad Days

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Is it partly sunny or partly cloudy? It all depends on your perspective. Don’t miss that. When you want to have a better understanding of where you are what impact your having, you probably shouldn’t ask yourself that question. You should go back and look at the sincere notes and counsel that you’ve gotten over…


Starting to list


Starting to list? Not a list as in a shopping list. Not a list as in a naughty list. Not a list in the sense of a noun, but in the sense of a verb. It was during a long run on Saturday. The first 5 or 6 miles were fine, but then I started…


This is me trying too hard

During certain times of your life you’ve experienced low moments. You weren’t always sure where rock bottom was. It just seemed like you were taking blow after blow. Then there are those time when you feel like you’ve got the magic stick  When I was a kid they would have said “Abracadabra!”  I guess now…


Value: Isn’t there more to life?


Work. Paycheck. Spend some. Save a little…maybe. Work. Paycheck. Spend some. Save a little…maybe. Work. Paycheck. Spend some. Save a little…maybe. Is it any wonder that a recent poll showed that the majority of the American workforce is disengaged. This is no way to live. It’s certainly not something that I want. It’s definitely not…


The 3 Things That I Learned From Being Interviewed


Two weeks ago my childhood home’s newspaper gave me the opportunity to be interviewed,  It was an awkward strange but comfortable feeling. This is the paper that I grew up reading. That is, on the rare occasion that I read anything. It always had the latest sports information and some interesting articles on familiar faces….


I’m Having a Baby? I don’t think so


If I would have gotten pregnant on my last day in the corporate world, I’d probably be in labor or have a newborn. I know. That sounds really weird. That’s what I woke up to this morning. I also woke up for my first full week as a 50 year-old. Maybe that has something to…


You’re Not Going To Sell It, Are You?


At a conference recently, this happy, more-seasoned lady named Dottie walked up to my table and was curious about the books that I was selling. To the best of my ability, I answered her questions and asked if she wanted to sign up for my newsletter. Thereby giving me permission to send her updates on…


Coaching Clients To Success

It’s one thing to experience personal success. It’s quite another to be working with someone as a coach and to see them have breakthroughs. It’s mind-blowing and humbling, all at the same time. Whether you were the catalyst or not. You were still involved. You were still there adding value. You were there strapped into…