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Taking the first step in going from Blindness to Sight and toward Vision

Course 1: Identifying Your Blindspots.


Congratulations for having the courage to begin your journey in transforming either yourself to achieve your life goals or for setting up your team to meet its varied objectives. The following is the first in a series of exercises designed to help you uncover and “see” your blindspots.  Once you’ve completed this first step, you can then establish the blueprint for change and success.

Identifying Your Blindspots – Introduction

This course and the exercises within will help you identify the aspects of your life that require improvement or uncover hidden obstacles blocking your path forward.  These aspects include areas that are known and most importantly, areas that are unknown (or your “Blindspots”). By being honest with yourself about your experiences, strengths, and weaknesses, and by being open to receiving critical feedback from others and hearing different interpretations, you can gain valuable insights that will help you reflect on your perceptions.  From there you can develop greater self-awareness to then take concrete steps towards achieving your goals.

Course 1 Exercises – Self-Awareness Assessment

In this course you will be asking yourself a series of questions (see downloadable .pdf worksheet below) where you will state your goal or put in writing the vision of your new future self or team.  From there you will be asked to identify your strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to that goal.  Next will be a series of questions asking you to document similar situations and scenarios where you were and were not successful and the reasons why.  Using your own honest and thoughtful input will establish the baseline for finding your Blindspots.

Taking the appropriate amount of time to perform this task is critical.  Prioritize yourself and this activity as it is the basis for all future discussions and activities.  Providing a comprehensive and sincere self-assessment will set you up for future success.  If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can explore and review together this self-exploration process. If you’re ready to begin identifying your Blindspots – download the worksheet provided below and follow the step-by-step instructions. Remember, at any time, if you questions or concerns about this process – I’m here to help.


Worksheet 1: Self-Awareness Assessment 


A Radical Vision – Course 1 – Identifying Your Blindspots


Next Steps

After you’ve completed the exercises in this first course you are now ready for Course 2 – Identifying Your Blindspots – Truth-Tellers Assessment.   This Ecourse is the most critical aspect for Identifying Your Blindspots and is also free to Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona members. In addition, if you sign up to take all the courses to help you move from BLINDNESS to SIGHT and toward VISION you will receive the following:

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Remember, taking just one more step will allow you to stay focused on moving you or your organization forward and towards A Radical Vision.

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