Brian’s Inspirational Speaking Topics Include:

“If You Could See What I See”

Brian’s most requested inspirational, motivational, and entertaining keynote!

Through his own experience of being blind for 6 months, Brian uses his secret-to-success to keep audiences inspired, motivated and entertained. His secret … humor. Your audience won’t know whether to laugh or cry. Some may just laugh so hard they cry.

You will learn to…

  • focus on the meaning of your circumstance.
  • see your own powers to effect change.
  • increase your ability to make decisions and take action.
  • grasp a vision for your professional and personal life.


We all know what it’s like to have a bad leader. During the leadership keynote, your audience will learn about the admirable qualities of a good leader. They will then here about proven process for bringing those characteristics to the surface. This is the process of going from blindness to sight to vision.

You will learn to…

  • embrace your own blindness to obtain a greater vision
  • see clearly how you can aid in the discovery of your blindspots
  • shrink your blindspot and those of others
  • become confident in your leadership vision


The main ingredient in any good sales call is “the relationship.” This not only allows for repeat sales, but also makes the sales process much simpler the first time. Your Sales Leaders will go from blindness to sight to vision and experience exponential growth while doing so.

You will learn to…

  • see the key ingredients in any relationship
  • have the insight to develop new and maintain existing relationships
  • earn the respect of your team and leader
  • gain the confidence required to be successful


The only certainty in life is change. Team members are usually aware that change is inevitable. However, some still struggle with the role that they will play in the change. Gaining clarity on the role will make the team more efficient, productive, and cohesive.

You will learn to…

  • believe in yourself to become an agent of change
  • unlock the confidence required to envision your future success
  • invest in yourself and give yourself a chance to adapt to change

Let’s Talk about your program needs…

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