Brian’s Speaking Topics


The following leadership development and motivational speaking topics are just some of the examples where A Radical Vision can help take you and your team from BLINDNESS to SIGHT and toward VISION.

Leadership Lessons: Defining Your Blindspots

What are the skills needed to be a highly valuable leader, contributor and follower? How can leaders cultivate these qualities in their team members?
You can get to those qualities through a process of self-discovery.
During this presentation, participants will:
  • build a mindset for continuous improvement and growth. This will change the thought process you go through in your life.
  • improve your leadership skills as you put into practice what you’ve learned.
  • boost your management ability as you gain clarity. This will allow you to match the need with the appropriate action.
  • create a roadmap for those you manage to achieve their desired growth.
  • eliminate self-limiting beliefs and other blindspots as you implement the tools given.

“If You Could See What I See”

Brian’s most requested inspirational, motivational, and entertaining keynote!

Through his own experience of being blind for 6 months, Brian uses his secret-to-success to keep audiences inspired, motivated and entertained. His secret … humor. Your audience won’t know whether to laugh or cry. Some may just laugh so hard they cry. He blends that humor with sound self-improvement strategies that are relatable and actionable.

You will learn to…

  • focus on the meaning of your circumstances.
  • see your own powers to effect change.
  • increase your ability to make decisions and take action.
  • grasp a vision for your professional and personal life.
  • go from BLINDNESS to SIGHT and toward a VISION!

Life's Challenges - A Radical Vision can help by providing motivational speaking topics to help you and your team grow and improve

Define Your Blind Spot | TedxHilliard - Motivational Speaking Topic

BounceBack Leadership

 So many of us struggle with our confidence.  Getting the motivation and what you need to feel confident again is a real challenge. Then, just as start to feel whole again, you have a major setback. A career calamity, an unwanted diagnosis or a disability. How do we bounce back?

You will learn to…

  • see the key ingredients in any leadership role
  • have the insight to develop new and maintain existing relationships
  • embrace your own personal blindness to achieve a greater vision
  • earn the respect of your team and leader
  • gain the confidence required to be successful

You can learn more information about this speaking topic at our Bounceback Academy.

Leaders Don’t Quit

You have had experiences in your life when you threw up your hands. You walked away. Then, for some reason you came back. Maybe it was a different approach. Maybe your lungs were filled with different air. I don’t know, but something changed and you succeeded. How did that happen? How can you make that happen more often or how can you avoid having those moments altogether?

In this program, you will..

  • discover the meaning behind your setback
  • recognize self-limiting beliefs when they happen
  • find ways to overcome the voices that go off in your head
  • identify, embrace and develop a plan to overcome your blindspots

Let’s talk about your program needs…

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