What Difference Can a Day Make? Try Adding Fire to Your Next Run


I think that working all weekend gave me more energy.

A week ago I ran a Half Marathon and afterwards I was exhausted. That was after resting the entire week prior and forgetting about all of the training that had gone into it all summer. Yesterday was my first day back in the Saucony’s and it was a totally different experience. It was amazing, because I had the milestone behind me.

A Tale of Two Weekends

Last weekend I was at the Igniting Souls Conference #ignitingsouls17 without resting and focusing intently on growing my business. There was speaker after speaker, from the top of their profession, that delivered amazing value. Speakers included names like @mikekimtv, @schmittastic, @dextergodfrey and Brian Dixon.

Business Topics Were Demystified

Each speaker served, not only while speaking, but also for the remainder of the conference. Conversations and serving went on in the halls. At breaks. During lunch.

These two weekends were totally different. In one I achieved a great milestone, but that’s all it is. The other weekend was filled with milestones but also had signs, obstacles, potholes, speed bumps, road maps and much more. It was where like minded people from all over the world gathered for personal and professional growth. It’s where we formed and fostered relationships out of true love. Not just for the love of what we do, but also for the love for one-another.

You see the leaders of this conference are second to none and they should know that. However, they are merely firemen in this controlled flaming inferno. Like forest fire fighters, they are staying out in front leading the flames to be productive.

Keep fanning and we will keep burning.


Brian “White-hot” Wagner

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