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We may have been lucky enough to have gotten a picture together. When we did I probably asked you to WINK with me. It’s not because I want you to make fun of me. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As I continue to grow and get more comfortable with who I am, I want you to be comfortable with me as well. What’s more important than that is you being comfortable with who you are. Once you’ve done that, the hope is that you begin to embrace what makes you different.

Shortly after my surgery in 2011, a friend of mine asked me how I was doing. My reply, “every day is a new life.” To that he said, “Awww.”

I’m not sure if he meant it that way, but it just sounded like pity. He was taking pity on me for how I was approaching my circumstance.

For me, that was “aw”ful. I never want to feel that way again.


How do I go forward and take the next step?

With that in mind, I’m trying to concentrate on activities that make me feel good.

The times when I have felt the best is when others are getting value from my story. One of the ways that they get value is by winking with me. They always walk away with a smile on their face. When you wink, you start the process of going from Blindness to Sight to Vision.

WINK has taken on a new meaning.

W – Why is it important to know what sets me apart?

I – Do everything with Intention.

N – It’s a New way of thinking

K – Get Kinesthetic. Take action

I’d love to hear your comments.
Do you want to know more about my experience in finding what makes you different?
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I’d also welcome your comments below on anyone’s struggles or encouragement that they have given to others.

Even if you have before, are you ready to wink with me?


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