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Brian Wagner, CEO of A Radical Vision

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Sometimes It DOES Take A Brain Surgeon

Our New Book!


Do you ever wonder why people are successful and you’re not? Ever wonder what separates the great professionals from the ones that make it into the Hall of Fame? More than likely it is someone that has found what they are good at and honed it tirelessly. All while working diligently on what they are not good at.

In a moment in 2011, due to a genetic disorder, Brian Wagner went blind and has since only regained a portion of his sight. However, his vision is better than it’s ever been. Since that day, Brian has come to understand his purpose is to help others to embrace their blindness to achieve a vision for their lives.


Brian Wagner is an author, speaker, and coach who helps individuals and organizations embrace their own blindness to achieve a vision.

In 2011 Brian had a life altering event that changed how he sees the world. That change has been physical, mental and spiritual.

  • Physically he works with people that are struggling as they go through different seasons of life
  • Mentally he enables people to identify and see through their blindspots. Additionally, he allows people to overcome their self-limiting beliefs
  • Spiritually he connects with people from the perspective of what he has seen and heard since having surgery

Brian connects with large and small audiences of all ages. They hear the authenticity in his voice and intention in his look. He has founded an organization called A Radical Vision where he helps people to embrace their own blindness.

He is the father of three amazing kids and the husband of one wonderful woman.


Four out of five people in my house have blindspots. I’m not sure that they would agree with that I’m the only one that doesn’t. How can you tell if you have blindspots?

Let’s start by stating the not-so-obvious. “We all have blindspots.” This is actually one of the first steps to self-improvement. Knowing that you’re not perfect. Admitting that you need help is the next step.

During an exchange of voicemail messages I asked my manager for some assistance. Her final voicemail to me was short and direct. “If you have a specific question please let me know.” All that I heard her say was quit calling me and figure it out for yourself. What I later found was that she was excited to be helping and didn’t mind digging into the details.

Could this be the same manger? This same topic of conversation?

Self awareness according to

“Poor performing companies’ employees had 20% more blindspots than those working at financially strong companies. Poor performing companies’ employees were 79% more likely to have low overall self-awareness than those at firms with robust returns on revenue ”

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