While a crippling genetic disease caused my loss of sight, it enabled me to see the world through a new lense. Each of us faces adversity daily in our work and personal lives. Our response to this adversity dictates our future. My goal is to help others recognize and embrace their personal adversity and ‘go blind’ and respond by ‘gaining vision.’

Overarching Value Proposition:

Our outlook determines our attitude and that attitude determines our success.  By changing the way we view and respond to adversity, we can create a clear vision for success in both our work and personal lives.  Through public speaking, daily insight, and group workshops, we help others overcome obstacles for a better future by creating awareness, recognizing and prioritizing goals. As well as focusing on those obstacles that are most important and removing or altering our view on everything else.

How can
Gaining Vision
help me?

Improving Sales

In sales, demoralizing and self-defeating thoughts are a daily event. As we grow in experience, those thoughts change the way we see negativity. By focusing on the vision of our sales future, we can reprogram our brain to see the positivity in what we do and drive toward helping others embrace success with the solutions we offer rather than fearing it.

Better Employee Retention

In our current era of instantaneous gratification and unlimited communication, our teammates are becoming more like mercenaries and less like friends. By better understanding how our vision blurs the vision of others, we can help retain those that matter most to our organization.

More Engagement

Approximately 80% of your those around us are either adding no value to our workplace or are actively sabotaging it. A lack of engagement is caused by distractions toward other visions deemed to be more important. Most times these distractions are short sighted, and we must refocus on the right activities. You pick your teammates because you believe in their ability to help your company ‘do the right things’. Helping those teammates to re-engage in your collective vision changes the lives of all those around you. Gaining 20% more of their attention while at work is easier and more enriching than writing off our existing teammates and hiring 20% more.

Have Better Relationships

Everyone has a friend, maybe even yourself, that consistently seems to have negative relationships affect his or her life. What we see in others is often a reflection of self, and to bring better lives into our own, we need to see the greatness in ourselves first. Projecting the right vision of who we are and who we want to be will help attract others that feed off of this positivity and believe in our vision versus detracting from it.

Hope for Overcoming Adversity

We all are faced with life-altering-adversity at some point in our lives. Many of us face it far more frequently. The one truth about adversity is that it is unquantifiable to anyone else, and we must create the vision of that adversity if we expect anyone else to see it. Recognizing that through a clear vision of the future, as well as a focus on faith will insure that the wounds faced in life don’t linger but heal stronger than before.

Spreading the Vision

When we get right down to it, we all have adversity in our lives. That’s an easy thing to see.