One morning in 2011, I woke up blind.

Do you ever wake up that way?

Do you ever wonder where to start or where it will end? What is the goal, the purpose, the vision? How does your vision align with the company’s vision?

If you’ve ever had any of these questions, this video subscription is for you.

With this subscription you will get a signed copy of my book, “Sometimes It DOES Take a Brain Surgeon”, and a 52-week access to a weekly video series. The videos serve as an extension of the book. They will deliver helpful tips and tricks to identify and see through through your blindspots.

This is all done with the goal of achieving your vision.

Embrace your own personal blindness to achieve a greater vision for your life. There are three phases to our process for achieving your vision:


We all have blindness in our lives. The first step is to realize that you’re not seeing everything. It’s something that everyone deals with. Some are more forthcoming with it than others.


When you begin to identify and see through your blindspots, sight is achieved. In most cases, getting to this step requires feedback. You’ll not only need to ask for it, from the right people with the right timing, you’ll also need to receive it. Applying it appropriately is an important part of this phase.


What is your preferred future? Once this is discovered you’ll become happier, healthier and more mindful of the world around you.

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Annual Subscription is $40/year

  • Our Annual Subscription - information to help you Embrace Your Blindspots, See Your True Value, and Find Your Vision.
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