Executives and sales teams want to know if they have blindspots. Learn how to discover your blindspots. We all have them.

Embrace your own personal blindness to achieve a greater vision. With his unique proven process Brian will take you from blindness to sight and toward vision. This is done with tools and techniques that are relatable and actionable. 

Brian is an author and speaker who helps executives see the world differently. 



"At our last two annual conferences, Brian provided phenomenal presentations and is never one to just show up, regurgitate knowledge and then disappear. He drives engagement, fuels conversation and creates connections. In fact, he recently became a part of organization and attends our networking events and actively socializes with all our segments of membership. Brian provides keynotes, workshops and Masterminds based on his book as well as John Maxwell's leadership books. In addition to knowing our organization, he stands out for being collegial, committed and easy to manage. We’ve all had those ‘experts’ who require constant hand-holding. Brian is not one of them. For these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Brian to anyone that is considering having him speak to their organization.”
Jarrod A. Clabaugh
CAE, President & CEO, Ohio Society of Association Executives and OSAE Foundation
I am writing as a professional speaker reference for Brian Wagner. He recently delivered his keynote speech "If You Could See What I See" at our OhioHealth Neuroscience Symposium and amazed our audience of doctors and allied medical professionals. Mr. Wagner is an inspirational speaker that captivated his audience. He used humor and stories to convey what he has been through and how he helps others to do the same. As an organizer, easy of working with Talent is key, and Brian was incredibly easy to work with. Once we had decided to hire Mr. Wagner, he held two separate meetings with a subset of our audience to connect with them on a personal level. This paid off when it was time for him to deliver his speech. Some of the comments that we received from the audience are as follows: "Very personable and entertaining" "Great sense of humor. Compelling story." "Charismatic" "Uplifting" "Awesome" "Excellent" Brian Wagner was one of the best speakers that I've had the pleasure of working with. He was very responsive and well prepared. It was a treat to work with him, and we would certainly recommend him to other audiences.
Amiel Mansur
Chairman, 2018 OhioHealth Neuroscience Symposium
I want to thank Brian for coming to speak to the staff of the Henry County Board of Developmental Disabilities. We are grateful for the time and effort he gave to come and share his story. His presentation inspired us all to embrace our "blindness". Brian's outlook on life really makes us want to take a step back and cherish the little things! He was very easy to work with and made sure everything was done perfectly from the beginning. If you don't accomplish everything on your list for the day, just remember to laugh. 🙂
Heather Obermyer
Human Resources Coordinator


LOCATION: Columbus, OH
WEBSITE: www.aradicalvision.com
FOUNDED: September, 2013

ORGANIZATIONAL PRIORITIES: Through self-inspection, group discussions or one-on-one coaching we enable our clients to:

• Gain awareness of their BLIND ness
• Find the ability of SIGHT
• Achieve the VISION for a life of abundance

We all have our own “blindness” in the form of blind spots.

Some the recent comments in regard to how A Radical Vision has helped others:
“I highly recommend Brian Wagner as an inspirational speaker. At our latest meeting, Brian addressed our group of 25 teachers with warmth, humor, and openness. Brian’s gifts for telling the story, as well as his gifts for listening, putting others at ease, and being of help to others, made for a truly inspirational evening.”

“Brian inspires me to dig deep, stand tall and love more”

“Brian, you are amazing!!! With your outlook on life!! I enjoy reading your articles. We all can learn from them!!!”

GUIDING PHILOSOPHY: Everyone experiences adversity in their lives. Some deal better with it than others. We want to help people to embrace blindness so they can achieve vision.

If You Could See What I See

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