The worst feedback I’ve ever received

The journey to becoming a speaker is one filled with potholes. Just when you think you’re on a newly paved road with a smooth ride ahead, you hit one. “Crap! What was that?” and you look to see if your hubcap came off or if your tire is going flat. Of course, you didn’t ask for it. But it still happened.

This has happened to me. Have you ever had that experience?

Many times is the result of feedback from your peers, your boss or even your loved ones.

How can you fix that?

Ask for specific areas of feedback?

Reach out to specific people for feedback?

When you receive the feedback, you have to receive it as a gift?


What’s the worst feedback that I’ve ever received? … The feedback I didn’t ask for.


I’d love to hear your comments if this resonated with you and if you have ever received bad feedback.

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5 thoughts on “The worst feedback I’ve ever received

  1. Some audience members will write comments on an evaluation form that are mean spirited. Don’t take these personally. There are some oddballs out there! Feedback should be constructive to let you know what you did well and how you can improve the next time.

    • You’re right. We have to pick and choose. Pick to listen to the positive or helpful comments. Chose not to let the negative ones become a narrative that we play in our heads. It’s not easy, but the reward of a changed audience is worth it.

  2. Excellent insight. Thanks for doing this. It truly makes sense to ask feedback from the right folks.

    • Anish, thank you for your comment and your friendship. I truly appreciate them both.

    • Anish, thank you for your comment and your friendship. I truly appreciate them both.

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