These boots were made for working

My UPS boots 04282019

Then what am I doing with them?

I’m sure that my brothers asked me that at one point. Truth be told, these boots are 30 years old. They were purchased right after I was named a part-time supervisor at UPS in 1989. They served me well walking the huge slabs of concrete in the large distribution hub in Maumee, Ohio.

After that, there was some occasional yard-work and even a stint at a label-manufacturing plant in Skokie, Illinois.

Finally the soles have gotten worn and Connie was bought me other boots. It’s time (but I hate) to let them go.


So many memories. Not really.


So much history. They’re just old.


So much love. They’re boots!


What’s it time for you to let go of?


I’d love to hear your comments.
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